About Us

Encompass Active has been designed right here in NZ. 
The brand came about after personally experiencing the struggle of finding activewear available for my size. My weight has yo-yoed my entire life, add Polycystic Ovary Syndrome into the mix and it made things even harder.
At a size 24, I found myself shopping in the men's section in stores to find something suitable to wear so I could exercise and try and turn my life around. Fast forward 4 years and the struggle is still real, and whilst I've lost 30kg, I still found majority of the activewear market didnt cater for curves. This kicked off what has been the most amazing journey, that has resulted in the activewear brand we now have on offer.
Im a big believer that clothing should not discriminate and should be available for all shapes, sizes and ages. This is where the name "Encompass" came from. 
Encompass Actives long term goal is to offer a wide range of activewear in different styles and colours. We have started with our first drop being a monochrome palate, and I cant wait to design and create new drops for you to wear to achieve your dreams.
We are an official New Zealand stockist of the Feel Good Protein range. We stock Protein Jelly, Protein Water and the Tasteless Feel Good range. These products are great for ensuring you meet your daily protein goals! They are also great for Bariatric patients.